River Lessons (Part 1)

Over the past few weekends, as our students have returned from their most recent Trek, they have been asked to do some writing about their experiences. At Cherokee Creek Boys School, we use the Lessons of the Medicine Wheel (see graphic below) to teach boys about the 4 aspects of self that they explore while they are with us: the Warrior, Visionary, Healer and Teacher. Throughout July and August we are sharing a handful of the boys’ responses. To no one’s surprise, the students often become the teachers…

Student: Davis
Archetype: Warrior
Statement: I am Courageous

“One month ago I embarked on my first Trek, whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River. Since it was my first time in whitewater, I was to say the least, scared! Which brings me to the Warrior archetype and its courage. Once I rode the first rapid my courage swelled and I began to enjoy the experience. I thought about chickening-out, but I knew that I needed to stand up and be present while showing courage and a good attitude. And in the end I made it down the whole river and had a great time.”

Davis perfectly articulates what it means to, “show up and choose to be present.” Instead of opting out of a new experience he pushed forward, experiences courage, and had a great time!

How do you respond when faced with a situation for the first time? In Davis’ terms, when have you felt your courage swell?

Lessons of the Medicine Wheel

Cherokee Creek Boys School is a Therapeutic Boarding School for middle-school boys ages 11-15 in Upstate South Carolina.

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