Life Lessons from a Rock Tumbler

rock tumbler at therapeutic boys boarding school provides life lessonsAt Cherokee Creek Boys School we welcome the opportunity to interject new projects and experiments for our students, especially ones that can mirror the important values and lessons we want to convey to the boys.

With funds we received from a grant our science class was able to purchase a professional grade rock tumbler and mineral specimens (including fossils and geodes) from around the world. The boys have been learning about the mechanical weathering that occurs within a rock tumbler, and how a rotary device causes the rocks to “tumble” around inside of it. As it turns, the rock tumbler causes pieces of rock to break off, ultimately smoothing them out so we can polish them. This is the same process which occurs naturally when water circulates in potholes on rivers, and when waves break along coastal beaches.

Rock Tumbler at Therapeutic Boys Boarding School This scientific project helps our boys find joy in seeing the transformation process of taking something rough and broken, and watching it become polished and beautiful. We can readily observe similar transformative processes occurring within our boys. Many of them come in rough around the edges due to school frustrations, trauma, defiance, and many other things. When they take time to ponder, learn, and “tumble” with the lessons we teach from the CCBS Medicine Wheel, after a Rock Tumbler Illustrates Life Lesson for Therapeutic Boys Boarding Schoolwhile we see smiles of true joy surface from the inner souls of our boys, much like how the sparkles and brilliant colors appear on those rocks.

Take a moment today to reflect upon something in your life that was once rough around the edges, but eventually turned into something amazingly beautiful.

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  • by Christy Swafford, Assistant Admissions Director, Cherokee Creek Boys School
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