Wilderness Leader Empowers Young “Warriors”

Christy Swafford, CCBS Assistant Admissions Directorby Christy Swafford, Assistant Admissions Director at CCBS

As we enter a new academic quarter, we are focusing upon what it means to be a “Warrior”. A Warrior makes a choice to “show up and be present”. There are four “I am” statements we teach at CCBS that coincide with being a Warrior:

I am a leader
I am courageous
I am responsible
I am powerful

There are different assignments the boys at Cherokee Creek Boys School are given as they learn about and live out each part of the CCBS Medicine Wheel. One of those assignments includes journal questions for personal reflection. The question that most stands out to me is “Who are the leaders and people who have inspired me, and how have they been sources of empowerment in my life?”

Liz Lucarelli - Wilderness TherapistA few boys had the opportunity to take a trip to visit their wonderful wilderness therapist, Liz Lucarelli. It was a perfect day for them to be Warriors and to focus upon one person who has been powerful in their lives. Each of these boys have said repeatedly that she has been a powerful person in their lives. She has influenced their therapeutic growth. She has empowered them on their journey of healing. She has helped them and find the best version of themselves.

Liz Lucarelli - Wilderness TherapistHere are a few quotes from these boys about Liz:

“Liz has impacted my life in so many ways. She has made me more courageous when I stood up for myself.”

“She has inspired my creativity.”

“Liz has empowered me when she pushed me to succeed.”

“She related to my emotions. She taught me unique way to cope with my sadness and anxiety.”

Who have been the leaders in your own life that have inspired and empowered you? Be sure to tell them thank you.

Here’s to a great 2017!

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CCBS Art Club Draws Much Interest!

The CCBS Art Club was developed by CCBS students with the intention of having a weekly opportunity to create, paint, build, paste, and draw.

Within all that we do at our school, we strive to practice what we’ve learned from the Lessons of the Medicine Wheel. That includes what we do in our Art Club.

Our latest project was aimed towards the characteristic of the “Visionary” in the Medicine Wheel in which we focused upon our creativity.

Boys Boarding School ArtworkThe Visionary statement implores us to “tell the truth without blame or judgment”, and encourages us to practice being “creative,” “authentic,” “truthful,” and “insightful.” The project was inspired by Henri Matisse, and artist who was known for “brilliant color and exaggerated form to express emotion”.

The objective of the project was to use shape and color to express their name and represent their personality and character. The boys used shapes and colors to communicate their interests. (For more information about this specific project please visit http://www.incredibleart.org/lessons/middle/Michelle-name.htm)

Boys Boarding School ArtworkOne loyal member of the Art Club, Richard, shares how the group originated. He explains, “A CCBS graduate named Ryan started the Art Club all by himself. He was always on time (for the gatherings) and told us what we were doing that day and how to do it. He was a leader to the group and gave us facts about art. When Ryan left, he passed on to me the ability to lead and take charge of the Art Club.”

What do you think of these masterpieces from the Matisse project? We think the boys exceeded all expectations for the guidelines of this project!

We are always looking for more ideas…what were some of your favorite art projects?

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